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Qing in Huang Haiyan’s writing

When I first met Qing, the deepest impression I had was that Qing was so tired, so tired that it hurt.

That was the interview. After I finished answering all the questions as the last interviewee, Qing, who was sitting in the middle, stood up, smiled and apologized for my seven-hour wait.

Out of the editorial office, I gently covered the door. Leaning on the railing of the third floor of the Youth Building, the moon white orange lights decorate the entire West Court, University Road.

Ah Qing came down the steps with a tiredness. In the evening several old editors ate the first meal of the most ordinary day.

Qing looked at the accompanying me seriously.

“Have I seen you before?”


I nod my head. He smiles. He smiles with his eyes.

A few old editors from the south ordered dishes, light. Qing, who likes spicy food, only ate a few bites. I’m going to get him some chili paste. He shook his head and said no, then fell asleep on the table.

Ah Ching is no longer sharp. Ah Ching writes warm words now.

Ah Ching is too tired. Ah Ching doesn’t talk. Ah Ching solves problems. Ah Qing lowers his head. Ah Qing laughs and says I can’t stand it.

When will we be able to move Ah Ching?

I can’t help Ah Ching much.

Ah Qing gestured on the computer screen. I bent down and looked at the plate sample paper in front of him, nearly blank.

The font of the words “Three Gorges Youth” has changed?

Wouldn’t a full-page dark red background give the impression of gore?

Will black and red stacked together not be seen clearly?

The title is placed below the article?

The words “how warm is warm” are broken and mutilated?

These are the questions I had during his layout process. There are questions that have been asked out and hidden in my heart. Ah Qing does not speak.

When the layout was finished, I didn’t ask for anything.

Refreshing and eye-catching, simple and atmospheric.

The red and black precipitation and heavy, the anti-white “warm how warm” of the broken font shows the “Three Gorges Youth” seven years of trials and tribulations, her every touch of hard work and effort. Only those who understand the growing pains of Three Gorges Youth can appreciate it.

How warm is the warmth!

Looking at the nearly perfect layout on the computer screen, the excitement made words powerless and pale. My excited hands could not restrain the urge to hug him. Lacking in expression, I smiled hard, except for lamenting, or lamenting.

I leaned over his chair and squatted gently so that my hands would not scare him who was doing his layout with his heart.

“Do you think this red is good?” He asked me with a tilt of his head.

“Could it be a little lighter, or with a little hidden background?”

“What kind of background?”

“I’ve seen a background of the flames burning in the Three Gorges Youth on the editorial computer, and I felt that one was good.”

“That one is too small and prints poorly when enlarged.”

“‘Only time that can carry us on’ put above near the picture is okay?”

“Eh, good!”

“Don’t put the ‘100’ below, right?”

“What’s wrong?”

“There’s a seal, so don’t put anything else next to it. It feels weird.”

“That’s it for this one. I think it’s pretty good.”

Ah Qing’s innocent and helpless eyes.

Hmph, Qing actually called me a little girl! No one has ever called me a little girl before. I really don’t understand what makes me feel like a little girl to him.

Not just admiration, not just admiration, not just heartache.

See you once and understand a little more. Think about the day, each is no longer the same.

All that you have, I cannot share with you. What you want, I have no way to help you find. What you don’t want to take on, I can’t help you take on.

I know and fully believe that with exercise, you would make a great editor-in-chief. But, I can’t bear to.

I would prefer that you play the role of Gao Xiang.

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