My friends say I am a petty woman, no more arguments, I really am.

There is no shortage of romance, snacks, fantasy, coffee, and money in life. Let them corrupt and I don’t care what they become.

Every day, I fantasize about living in a house with floor-to-ceiling windows, sitting on the carpet, with a cup of coffee in my hand, looking out the window, or the sea, or the green forest.

Walked in, were their friends, they said: I’m coming, the music is good.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do. In front of the feelings, always can not let go, the wind can not be blown away, I swing my head, hair messy, also can not forget, but also wrapped up, also longing, also aspire, but also looking for.

I am full of love, for all people, so it is easy to get hurt. Joy said this, and I think she really understands me. For every person I encounter in my life, I am love, full of love, and if I don’t get a response, I am hurt, and I do live in such a love and sadness again.

Like to listen to pure foreign language songs, regardless of the corner of the eye is wet or smile, always very happy, slippery texture, like a brush of silk, beautiful and light.

Would love to have a cabinet of cheongsams to wear and dance in the youthful years with style.

Sometimes, I miss my friends and want to hug them to sleep, they do not reject me, caress my back, how reassuring.

Think of Xiang Zhihua, a stubborn life, sprouted on the crazy growth, like a crazy person who is not afraid of anything, easy, struggling, upright, gangster, wonderful. The heart hurts you, but will laugh at you worthless.

Think of Xu Fei, the first year then, in the late hours of the night to help me rub the pain of the stomach, we grew up together.

Think of Li Li, sixth grade at that time, the fight to live in each other’s hearts, and then in the years to come hug and cry or smile out loud, we are sensitive together, together with the innocence.

Thinking of Pu Jinling, unsavory walk in each other’s lives, back to our hometown, always to see a face to feel at ease.

Thinking of Jiang Yanping, she was a strong girl who would dote on my back and laugh loudly at me, and now, where are you?

Think of Zhang Qingjiang, pure and simple, bright smile, we do not leave, laughing together.

Thinking of Yu Qinqin, the two women who are bold and straightforward, but writing doujinshi in each other’s lives.

Think of Feng Anyuan, junior high school nemesis, together with the days of blackboard, very nostalgic, together with the days of smiling, very nostalgic, together with the days of simplicity, very nostalgic.

Think of Gong Xue, very distant aunt generation, always want me to call her, I do not it, the little ninny ~ very straight very stubborn and beautiful.

Thinking about Fu Chunyan, pestering me, telling me everything, can’t shake it off, sharing with me all the joy and sorrow.

When I think of Wang Frost, we are always uneasy about her, laughing at her silly, but now she loves me.

Thinking of Fan Yunxi, being dependent on me, being annoyed by me, amusing me, sharing my burden, pointing ahead for me, I know she is tired, but the heart is still mine.

Thinking of Li Shufeng, sitting together, teasing each other, but also admire each other, that woman, must live a very happy life, because she has no heart and no lungs, huh?

Thinking of Zhao Dandan, relying on me, always putting me first, taking my hand and saying: sorry when we had a conflict. Very warm, can’t forget.

Thinking of John Lee, we said we would go to Tibet together to fulfill a good wish.

I think of Liu Xiaohong, playing dinner for me, covering me when I am sad again, even if I don’t know where you are now, I, still miss you.

Thinking of Zheng Pengcheng, high school to dilly-dally, talk about my life, listen to his political teacher-like ramblings, he is my life, talkless boy friend, he always god-like worship me, in fact, hey, he fell for it, I which is everything.

Thinking of Xiang Shikang, home together in high school, the heaviest things are thrown to him, nothing need that worry. What I can give, is also the gratitude of the heart.

Think of Guan Chengjun, my big brother, as verbose as an old woman, as innocent as a fool, as down-to-earth as a stove fire.

Think of Liu Shuai, always in front of me pampered children, he is still very stubborn, very annoying him, oh, but he does not bother me, because he said, scold me damage me pester me is to give me face, you see, such a child, just can not be angry, but also to accommodate him.

I think about to Huazhou, to my very good capricious child, so live into my heart, a dream for many years, a large part of my life by him around, also have not regretted. The actual fact is that you can’t forget that this smoke, I choke a lot, hurt, but also can’t think of his bad, oh, sink, count it, count it, love it, love it.

Think of Zhong Man, we struggled in our senior year, miss Dou Pi, miss her spirit, miss her struggle, miss her silliness, miss her endless worry, we are the sun, we are Nietzsche, we know, we are compassionate. You don’t have to worry too much about me, I’m fine.

Thinking about Qin Tao, was I hurt also still think about me, sad man, oh, in my life a faint purple. That man, always say they are humorous, but I feel cold, hehehe, but ultimately grateful in the heart.

Think of Qin Yaowen, another unsavory person, some mute, oh, he said very little, but the heart is very hot, he has his own thoughts, have their own life, in fact, very heavy feelings.

Thinking of Li Xuesong, is also not salty to walk again in my life, want to mature, but for me to know his nickname and chagrin. But he is just a little kid.

Think of the yellow group, two bored women lying in bed, two bored women sitting in front of the computer, two bored women talking about men together, two bored women waiting for whoever can’t hold out first to go down and play dinner.

Think of Hai Xuemei, different beliefs, different temperaments, looking at each other in the same dorm room, hiding their notes on the same desk, huh?

Think of generation Xi, you help me fetch water, I told you to fetch water, she fell in love and then did not cross, on this point of friendship, huh.

Think of Zhai Weiping, forever sleepy-eyed and forever ridiculed by me.

Thinking about the party Xin, endlessly accommodating me and listening to me talk about this and that. Even if it was annoying, it didn’t go very far.

Thinking of Fan Yan, in fact, we were originally from two worlds, but still incompatible to live together.

See, petty women’s hearts are filled with feelings and coins, piled high, but also covered with dust ……

PS: the mood at the moment: see the beloved, but also can not forget the person does have a girlfriend, very sad …… tears flowing into the stomach ……

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