The Glorious Years – A Bite-sized Record of the Growth of “Three Gorges Youth

The Sixth Anniversary of Youth in Three Gorges: A Historical Review.

Two newspaper reprints – always ready to reprint the newspaper again

Three expansions – now sixteen editions

Printed and published by four different publishers – the present Three Gorges Evening News

Five change office location – today’s youth building room 307

Six increases in circulation – current circulation 7,000 copies

Jiu Yi Editor-in-Chief — Current Editor-in-Chief Zhao Kai

Exchange with a well-known university youth newspaper to anniversary – persevere to the end


Gezhouba Institute of Hydropower Engineering. The legendary “Water Academy”.

On March 25, 1998, the editorial board of Three Gorges Youth was established. The office is located in Room 0123 of the main building.

At that time, Ms. Li Hong of the school committee proposed to start a newspaper of the students’ own. Someone immediately responded and actively formed the editorial board. The editorial team was firstly transferred from the attendance service center, and Shang Yingjun, who was the deputy director of the attendance service center, was appointed as the editorial director. He was engaged in the selection of staff for the editorial board. Next, Yang Daixuan, who is familiar with the layout of the newspaper, was transferred from the college newspaper to be the editor-in-chief. Other personnel were recruited openly and strictly for the whole university.

Editor-in-chief, director, art editor, technical director, photojournalist and all other members total 10 people.

On April 3, 1998, the inaugural issue of Three Gorges Youth was launched. Color edition.

He Weijun, the then Director of Student Affairs, wrote the founding words himself. “Three Gorges Youth” reflects the voices of the youth of Wushui Yichang Campus, their joy, anger and sorrow, and he faithfully records the steady and determined steps of the youth of the campus, as well as their continuous struggle and innovative life trajectory. The Three Gorges Youth will always beat the same pulse. ……”

When the editors of the editorial board received the inaugural issue of “Three Gorges Youth”, tears blurred everyone’s eyes.

When the inaugural issue of “Three Gorges Youth” met with a large number of students and teachers of the Water Academy, it caused a sensation in the entire Academy.


Issue 3 was published on April 10, 1998. The first special issue. May 4 special issue.

Issue 4 was published on May 25, 1998. The first English article appeared. “Come here please”.

Issue 6 was published on June 22, 1998. A special issue dedicated to all graduates.

In September 1998, “Three Gorges Youth” set up reporter stations in each district.

Issue 14 was published on March 22, 1999. Reviewer articles and introductions appear. The newspaper has made great progress. Each of the four pages has a page name. In order, they are News, Literature, Knowledge Corner, and Social Gallery. There are still articles in English. If you forget me.

On May 3, 1999, issue 17 was published. The word “News” appeared in the news section. This marks a major improvement in the news of Three Gorges Youth.

May 8, 1999, May 4 special issue. The header appears overlaid red.

Issue 32 was published on April 24, 2000. Photo news appeared.

On June 29, 2000, Three Gorges University was merged to form Three Gorges University. Three Gorges Youth developed into sponsored by the Three Gorges University Committee of the Communist Youth League.

**** On **Month**, Issue ** was suppressed because of a story that offended the “authorities”. It was not published. It was reprinted. This was the first time that Three Gorges Youth encountered the dilemma of press supervision.

In September 2000, the editorial department changed its office to room 0412 in the main building. At that time, all members of the editorial board were 12 people. The printing unit of the newspaper was changed for the third time to Three Gorges University Printing House. The circulation was increased to 1500 copies.

At that time, the purpose of “Three Gorges Youth” was “news + life + philosophy + fun = vividness”. Each page of the newspaper had a certain part of excerpts. In order to achieve a strong service and a large amount of information.

Lu Xiaoyan, the editor-in-chief, offered to encourage the publication of advertisements. One of the earliest advertisements was made after half a day of negotiation between Lu Xiaoyan and the merchant. It was placed in the Chinese fung and the advertisement cost 25 RMB.

During the development of the newspaper for more than two years, all the work was carried out in a continuous process of exploration, as there was no experience to learn from. Despite the unstable publication cycle, despite the fact that the layout of the newspaper was not professional enough and the style of the newspaper was influenced by the main person in charge at that time, the Three Gorges Youth had already been recognized by the general public and began to take root in the hearts of the readers at that time.

The Three Gorges Youth newspaper had six editors-in-chief before 2001. Before 2001, it was a start-up phase, and after that it started to keep its business, enriching and improving its various pages.

In September 2001, the editorial office was relocated to the third floor of the West Garden Cafeteria. The publication cycle of the newspaper was set to be bi-annual. In fact, it became a monthly issue. The layout of the newspaper also changed significantly. Two pages were created: Perspectives and Campus. News and literature remained unchanged. Point of View was founded by Chen Hongbo, and he put his heart and soul into it. He is the patriarch of the Viewpoint section. The Viewpoint page is his heart and soul. For the first time, it provides in-depth coverage of hot new events on campus that are of interest to students. After the first article of the Viewpoint Edition, Campus BBS, met with readers, it caused a campus-wide sensation. In those days, almost everyone was talking about “no beauty in the water college”. Especially the boys. The literary version of the article is purely literary works, all of which are one of a hundred fine and beautiful articles. I never get tired of reading them.

Since the layout of the newspaper was not professional enough, Peng Songtao, the seventh editor-in-chief, often went to the editorial department of the school newspaper to learn some experiences and apply them to the newspaper as appropriate. Under the management of Peng Songtao, the editor-in-chief, the typography of the newspaper “Three Gorges Youth” made great progress, with a strict and neat style of typography. There are no page breaks and no through columns.

In April 2002, Zhang Yajie managed the website of “Three Gorges Youth”.

In September 2002, the editorial office was changed three times to room 0805 in the main building. Three Gorges Youth newspaper increased its circulation to 2000 copies.

In October 2002, the editorial board of “Three Gorges Youth” edited and published a collection of essays on national defense education, “Think of danger in peace”. At the end of the year, the book was brought to Beijing by a Xinhua News Agency reporter and sent to the State Ministry of Armed Forces.

In 2002 a whole year, the newspaper gradually formed a fixed style. No big moves were made to keep the job.

In February 2003, Zhang Xiaoxia, as the eighth editor-in-chief, waved a tearful speech to expand the edition.

On March 15, 2003, the newspaper’s fifth anniversary was marked by the first expansion from four pages to eight pages. The first issue of “Three Gorges Youth” was published after the expansion. The first issue, “The pain that youth can’t melt”, caused a strong reaction in the whole school.

After the expansion, the editorial department has fully entered into process-oriented and standardized management and operation. The publication cycle of the newspaper was officially set at one issue every 15 days. The circulation of the newspaper was increased to 3,000 copies.

In March 2003, the editorial department launched the exchange of youth newspapers from well-known universities. Each issue sends newspapers to more than 70 famous universities in China, such as Peking University, Renmin University, Tsinghua University and Wuhan University. Moreover, the editorial department has received newspapers back from Tsinghua University, Renmin University, Wuhan University and other universities one after another.

In March 2003, due to business needs, Zhang Xiaoxia put the new computer he just bought in the editorial department to do public use. Some people said, “You just bought a computer and took it to the editorial office, aren’t you afraid of being damaged by so many people? She said, “I have dedicated all my efforts to Three Gorges Youth, do I care about this one computer?

On April 1, 2003, the 63rd issue of the newspaper was published at the Three Gorges Evening News printing plant instead, officially joining hands with the mainstream media in Yichang to run the newspaper.

In April 2003, Hunan University Times magazine set up a reporter station at Three Gorges University. The reporter station is managed by Three Gorges Youth.

In April 2003, the editorial board suggested that advertisements are valuable information. The advertising business was growing fast. Because an advertising business of China Unicom needed invoice, and the editorial department was not a profit-making organization, there was no invoice. Yang Ling, the deputy chief financial editor, studied financial management in the end, and after we all checked the information together, we finally decided to file a tax return to the tax bureau in the name of temporary income. This was the first time that Three Gorges Youth created wealth for the country. That was perhaps the first time that Three Gorges University students paid taxes.

In June 2003, the eight pages of Three Gorges Youth had basically taken shape and stabilized.

In September 2003, Three Gorges University centralized its campus in one location.

In September 2003, the Student Work Conference of Hubei University was held in Three Gorges University.

In September 2003, Peking University reformed. The reform of higher education is in the air, and “Three Gorges Youth” is trying to make new changes again.

In September 2003, the editorial office of the newspaper was transferred from the main building 0805 to the former art building 307.

In September 2003, Three Gorges Youth expanded its edition again. To 12 editions. Added English, reading, portrait, science and technology pages.

In September 2003, “Three Gorges Youth” called for new students. More than 300 students came to take the written test, and the two large classrooms in the S building were not enough.

In September 2003, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law sent a delegation to Three Gorges University to study the experience of running the newspaper “Three Gorges Youth”.

When the school league committee received them, they said, “Your school’s Three Gorges Youth is doing quite well. It has ideas, depth, and the style of a big newspaper. When Secretary Li Hong said the newspaper was founded by the students themselves, they didn’t believe it and immediately asked to meet the editor-in-chief of Three Gorges Youth. That day, in the conference room on the fourth floor of the administration building, they had a long talk with Zhang Xiaoxia for more than three hours about the idea of running the newspaper.

On November 1, 2003, the 72nd issue of the newspaper was published. A new news section was added, and it was proposed to “pursue truth and justice, and vow to write news for students”. Emphasis was placed on the newspaper’s commentary. From now on, one review per issue.

In the 72nd issue of the newspaper, a full-page article on the so-called “social criticism” was published in the speech section.

On November 5, an article was immediately submitted to rebut Feiyue. The article “Also Look at “Criticism”” was published in issue 73 of the Culture section, and in issue 74, there was another article by Feiye, “The Criticism of Yu Jie and the Uncritical Yu Jie”. At that time, the topic of Yu Jie’s deep discussion caught the eyes of a large part of the school. In fact, it was a discussion about culture. After this, the editorial board launched a big cultural page in every strong issue. Its goal was to guide the direction of campus culture. Later, column writers appeared in the culture section.

On December 16, 2003, the editorial board of Three Gorges Youth hosted a large symposium on “Communication, Starting from English”.

In January 2004, Three Gorges Youth produced a special issue of the 3rd Science and Technology Festival. Our editorial work “The Current Situation and Planning of the Development of Three Gorges University Campus Publications” won the first prize.

In February 2004, Three Gorges Youth expanded its edition for the third time. to 16 editions. The world edition was founded, and the speech edition was revived. Editor’s note of the first edition of the world edition: We hold up the same feelings of the family and the country, taste the heat and cold of the world, taste the difficulties of the summer and the cold, learn from the Southern Weekend, start to do the world, and show the broad-mindedness of today’s college students. The speech edition is truly the students’ own territory, and the editor vows to defend everyone’s right to speak.

In March 2004, one year after the launch of the revamp, the newspaper has made three leaps, expanded its edition three times and increased its circulation to 7,000 copies. Complete the coverage of the whole school for the first time.

In March 2004, the editorial team of Three Gorges Youth planned the “Top Ten New Youths” activity for the 2004 May 4 evaluation by the school’s Youth League Committee.

In March 2004, the editorial board of Three Gorges Youth proposed three representatives of the newspaper: representing the direction of the advanced culture of Three Gorges University, representing the requirements of the flourishing development of Three Gorges University, and representing the fundamental interests of the broadest number of students of Three Gorges University.

On March 18, 2004, the People’s University of China sent a telegram to invite Three Gorges Youth to participate in the first National Student Media Forum in mid-May. At the same time, an electronic invitation was sent. The forum is sponsored by the Committee of Renmin University of China of the Communist Youth League, China Youth Daily and China University Student Magazine. For the first time, Youth in Three Gorges will be on the same stage with famous college youth newspapers.


In February 2003, Zhang Xiaoxia, as the eighth editor-in-chief, waved a tearful speech to expand the edition.

When the school year started, it was also the fifth anniversary of the founding of the Three Gorges Youth, so she immediately proposed to expand the edition and came up with her own set of plans. At that time, all the members of the editorial board, 22 in total, unanimously agreed to expand the edition.

Foreign newspapers are tens, hundreds, or even thousands of pages each, while in our country, the maximum number of pages is more than 200. The newspaper “Three Gorges Youth” has been running for five years, five years of hard work and hard work. Now, both in terms of strength and timing, the conditions are ripe to start up again.

The editorial board adjusted the idea of running the magazine and expanded and changed the edition to 8 pages. It was discussed and decided to add the pages of Seeking Education, E Electric Garden, Narration, Sports/Movie/Music.

You want to run past someone who is running faster than you, then you have to run in the opposite direction from him. To run a newspaper well, you have to look outside. Three Gorges Youth has set its eyes on Southern Weekend, Southern Metropolis Daily, and borrowed the experience of The Washington Post. The Three Gorges Youth should continue to do in-depth stories in the Perspectives section and write explanatory news; it should write news for students. The Three Gorges Youth newspaper people have to learn from the Southern Weekend.

In order to innovate, we must first imitate. Three Gorges Youth began to imitate Southern Weekend, and proposed the development goal of “creating a campus version of Southern Weekend”. The depth of the news, the atmosphere of the layout, and the newness of the viewpoint are all things we imitate.

On March 15, 2003, the first issue of the expanded edition of Three Gorges Youth met with everyone. The first edition of the story “The Pain that Youth Cannot Melt” has caused strong reactions in the whole school. The Pain that Youth Cannot Melt” is a true and sad story that infected everyone who read it carefully. Many students sent emails and phone calls to our editor, and there were also dormitories writing posters collectively. Dormitory 505 in Building 12 of Xiyuan took the initiative to put up a poster in response – not only to the narrator, but also to us. The poster reads, “Through the sad words, we see your wounded heart, your lonely wandering figure. Wounded girl, please raise a bright smile, please believe that the sun will always shine through every dark corner, all people with a loving heart will always support you, continue to go forward! Melt the ‘pain that can’t be melted’ with love.” –This is the real voice from the “folk” that we have been eagerly waiting to hear for many years.

We are surprised. We calm. We ponder.

We deeply understand that the only way to win the touching is to be true, and the only way to be close to life is to be recognized and liked by more students. Only in this way can we achieve the goal of building the campus edition of Southern Weekend.

There is a strict management system within the editorial office, especially regarding the adoption of manuscripts. For manuscripts, thoughtfulness and depth are always required. We encourage external submissions, and firmly eliminate human interest and relationship manuscripts. The requirements for internal manuscripts are even stricter.

The quality of the literary edition of issue 64, 2003, did not live up to expectations. One of the articles was of average quality. After the newspaper came out, Chief Editor Zhang Xiaoxia traced the reason to the editor-in-charge of the current issue. It turned out that the article was requested by someone else to an editor for publication. After Zhang Xiaoxia heard it, she did not utter a word of criticism.

She sat there, not moving a muscle. Tears were streaming down her face.

For a long time, she said, our old editor almost every day without food and sleep to work hard for this newspaper. How dare you use the resources of the editorial board to send out human interest articles! You don’t take our hard work seriously! Who do you think you’re dealing with? I don’t want to say whether you can stand up to the old editor, but whether you can stand up to the newspaper “Three Gorges Youth” and all the readers of “Three Gorges Youth”?

In October 2003, after the call for new members, the old and new members of Three Gorges Youth met at the Nanyuan Sanyou CafĂ©. As a rule, every old editor and reporter had to give a few words to the newcomers. When Zhang Xiaoxia, the editor-in-chief, said, “The Three Gorges Youth is my whole heart and soul, so you must do a good job with the Three Gorges Youth,” he lost his words and sobbed. Everyone was afraid to speak, as if there was a sense of responsibility that fell from the sky and inexplicably pressed everyone not to breathe boldly, the scene was as deep and heavy as the White Emperor’s orphanage. All the newcomers had no idea what had happened to “Three Gorges Youth” in the past year. And in that year, Three Gorges Youth achieved a great success by reshuffling and expanding its edition, shortening its circulation cycle and increasing its circulation.


The Three Gorges Youth came and went in batches. The total number of editorial staff has never exceeded 50, and now there are 54 active members. The Three Gorges Youth have some common characteristics. Strong sense of responsibility. Inclusion. Mutual respect. Simplicity. Friendly. Dare to take responsibility.
Zhao Kai, the current editor-in-chief, said it well: the editorial office is a place to make friends. Everyone is a friend first, then a colleague.

Everyone sees making newspapers as a sacred thing. All the members were especially able to take the initiative to learn the business knowledge. After a rigorous written test and interview, you can get into Three Gorges Youth. Every year, people say that the bar is so high for Three Gorges Youth. After the six-month apprenticeship period, there are not many people who can stay. According to the statistics of internal members, the final “survival rate” of those who pass the interview of Three Gorges Youth is 10.36%.

It has always been the tradition of “Three Gorges Youth” for the old editors to lead the new editors. When new members enter, the old editors teach the new editors by hand. Interviews, typesetting, and making layouts. In 2003, the editorial team arranged training on newspaper business knowledge for 14 times. In the beginning, it was all about business. After time, we all help each other in study, life and other aspects.

I often stayed up all night doing the newspaper because of page assignments, and even had to skip class. Every time I went to the printing plant of the Three Gorges Evening News to proofread the pages, I would be there all day. The biggest headache in proofreading was the typos. Each page was proofread no less than five times. There is no time to stop working on the newspaper. Luo Zhihua, the old editor, said that the editorial staff is a real volunteer. Yes, they all give without asking for anything in return. Even if their work is not recognized by others. The editorial department can keep so many excellent talents, not the management system to keep people, let alone any compensation treatment to keep people (there is no compensation except for the manuscript fee), but the atmosphere of the editorial department to keep people. Everyone is so simple and friendly. More importantly, we respect each other, recognize each other’s personality and attitude, and understand and tolerate each other. In 63 issues of the newspaper is almost set to clear the sample out of the newspaper, a full-page ad suddenly said not to do. The same day, Han Liang, Yang Ling immediately to the editorial board now do the layout, Zhang Xiaoxia check the picture. Stay up late to take out a page.

The readers of “Three Gorges Youth” did not know that at least there were only a few people on the editorial board running a book that was read by tens of thousands of people in the whole school. At that time, the hardest thing for us to do was to wake up early, because we had to write, assemble, draw, compare, and distribute the articles ourselves, and we had to make sure that they were published on time, so we often had to stay up until a few o’clock in the morning. There is a self-deprecating mantra circulating in the editorial department: “This is a group of crazy people, they stay up late, they do not do their jobs with professionalism ……”

We never saw the publication of the newspaper as a task, and every time a new paper was published, the insiders were always the first to read it. No one thought of using the newspaper to preach, we treated it as our only career in the university; everyone held a deep belief that all the accolades we had received in the past were not important, and that if there was a passion, let it all burn!

On April 3, 2003, in order to explain some professional knowledge about the newspaper to the reporters and editors of the East Central District, and also to identify Li Yiding, the head of the reporter station of the East Central District, six people, Zhang Xiaoxia, Yang Ling, Han Liang, Geng Cuihua, Luo Zhihua and Li Yiding, the old editor of the 01 class, went to the Central District together. It was already 7 o’clock in the evening when they came out of the Central District. It was raining lightly. Yang Ling proposed to walk back, and everyone agreed. The six of them talked about the university, about the newspaper, and about the collective. Zhang Xiaoxia exclaimed, “We are a dream team!” .

By the time they got back to North, they all felt like their feet weren’t theirs anymore, but this dream combination belonged to each and every one of us.

Yeah, we’re a dream team.

On February 20, 2004, all the members of the Three Gorges Youth got together for a dinner. The editorial team invited the retired 01 class old editors. That day, at the Scholar’s House. 32 people, three tables. We drank and talked a lot. Geng Cuihua came to our table to toast, saying that the Three Gorges Youth for a day, the Three Gorges Youth for a lifetime.

Yes, one day of “Three Gorges Youth”, a lifetime of “Three Gorges Youth”. I remember being in tears. Tears were drunk along with the wine. And at this moment, there are also tears in my eyes.

Post-editor’s note.

It was a daunting task to write the history of “Three Gorges Youth”.

Heavy. The task is heavy. History is also heavy.

Soaked in the archives for two days. Interviewed Peng Songtao, Zhang Xiaoxia, Yang Ling, Han Liang and others.

I write this history today, only to pave the way through these glorious years. For tomorrow.

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