It’s all about the heartbeat

Less than a minute of the course, two to the highest point, whistling, indeed exciting, the whole process only the three of us in the desperate death scream, in fact, is not afraid, just want to release, the railing outside the viewers hear our death scream estimated to be deterred. The car reached the highest point of the dive a moment, the hair is very stylish flung in the back, I feel very happy, there are five heroes of Wolf Tooth Mountain illusion. When coming down a girl actually said that her legs were shaking, I fell, to what? The whole process of my heartbeat does tend to accelerate, but very relaxed, laughing uncontrollably, tears are coming out. It’s been a long time since I’ve been so released, a very good feeling.

Later played three more projects, are tossing people, especially the brave man turntable, the faster you turn, the higher you turn, and the larger the angle, to the high point when the following everything is blurred with the wind whistling past, very dizzy, I closed my eyes to try not to let themselves see, three minutes down, the three people are battered, feel like money to buy crime.

Later slowly walk back, found that the above visitors to inform on the human not allowed to play, the mentally ill are ranked first, in fact, I think it is not necessary to let the mentally ill to stimulate a little, maybe also can “fight poison with poison” it, maybe the disease will be well, oh, my thoughts only.

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