Classmates are destined for life. There are so many people and so many lives, why do we have to sit under one roof, listen to the same lectures, learn the same lessons, do the same homework, and play the same games? When it was cold, we were cold together; when it was hot, we were hot together. When it’s time for exams, we are nervous together; when it’s time for vacation, we are happy together. And the distance between us is always so close. Feet can step on feet, arms can touch arms. Over the years, who cried how, who laughed how, who had any little temper, who had any little problem, you knew, I knew, the whole class knew. Who can have such “close contact” with whom, except for siblings?

Classmates are inexhaustible wealth, and classmates are like having an extra passbook in the bank. When you need it, you can withdraw it at any time. Some “passbooks” have “interest” that grows very fast. A few years or so later, you will suddenly find that the original classmate has become a popular figure. You try to do things that can not be done, as long as he can get a phone call.

There is also a “unspoken rule” between classmates, no matter how big the official, how much money, can not be in front of the old classmates “pose”. If the old classmates looking for you when you are not enthusiastic, not active, not active, then it will be spurned by the crowd. Not only will the classmates respect you away, even the official field, you will feel that this person “not interesting enough”.

Classmates are wide and boundless horizons. A lot of what we learn in school comes from teachers and a lot from classmates. From older classmates, we learn about learning methods and social knowledge. This is even more evident with classmates from secondary school and college years. It can be said that you have as much vision as you have classmates.

Classmates are partners of honor and disgrace, when you are disillusioned and down, when you are poor and do nothing, many people may leave you, including your best colleagues and friends, but classmates will not, they will understand you, comfort you, respect you and support you. When they meet, they will be equally enthusiastic; when something happens, they will be equally positive. And the more you are in this situation, the more your classmates will be willing to approach you and help you, so that you are no longer lost, no longer confused, no longer lonely. And only at this time, you will feel that only these classmates, like their own family, can not only share the joy, but also share the sorrow.

The classmates never cared about each other, not because of some childhood “small friction” and grudge, to our grown-ups, those are no longer troubles, but good memories.

There is no difference between high and low classmates, and years later, even if you find that those who were far inferior to you in school have now greatly surpassed you, do not be discouraged. Because the progress of each classmate, we have no harm but a hundred benefits.

The older our classmates are, the closer they are. When we first got out of school, we were all still young. In order to live, running around, so often neglected to contact with classmates. Only after many years will you find that your classmates are the “cutest people”.

Classmates need to be cherished, if you are high and mighty, even the best classmates will leave you; if you are self-destructive, even more classmates will not help you. The love of classmates, like a big tree, will only flourish and shine if it is constantly watered and nurtured.

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