Cell phone – not for love off

There is a couple, happy to talk about 2 years of love, each other’s home distance is not close, driving to nearly an hour, so the 2 people every night to send text messages to each other to spill the beans. But the boy is a strict person, every day at 12 o’clock must turn off the phone, never changed. But the girl has is want him to call him to hear the same words always.

The girl never turns off her phone, she is afraid that after she turns off her phone, the boy has an emergency to find her or miss her when he can not find her.

Once, at night, the girl suddenly stomach pain, so painful that she rolled in bed, she held a ray of hope to call the boy, but ……

Finally she called her best friend, the girl was disappointed and afterwards, broke up with the boy and fell in love with her best friend. This is a cheerful boy, to make the girl very happy. The important thing is that he does not turn off his phone every day, every day quietly waiting for the girl to sleep looking for ……

They got married and the girl asked, “Why didn’t you turn off your phone?”

The boy smiled and said, “I’m afraid you can’t find me anxious about what happened at night, so I will be very heartbroken!”

The girl smiled and the sun shone all over her face!

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