The happy love of migrant workers

The couple were migrant workers who came to the city to make a living, with little craft, delivering briquettes to residents, leaving early and returning late, making life extremely difficult.

After delivering the briquettes, it was already dusk. Their faces were black, and only their teeth were white. They sat down, the husband used a dirty towel to wipe the sweat, the wife walked away in silence. After a while, the wife took a bottle of pure water, opened the bottle and handed it to her husband.

The husband complained, “Old expensive, why buy it?”

The wife said, “What? If the city people can drink, I can drink too!”

The husband did not drink, handed to the wife; the wife took a small sip, and handed back to the husband. Two people sip a small sip, a bottle of water finished.

The husband stood up and said, “Get in the car, I’ll pull you!”

The wife said, “Forget it, I’m tired all day. You pull, I push.”

The husband said, “I told you to sit down, why this nagging mile.”

The wife rides in the car, the husband pulls. The sun was setting, painting a red glow on the wife’s face. They do not know what happiness means, but it has unmistakably overflowed on their soot-stained faces.

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