snuggle up to each other

The husband and wife are both police officers, the husband is tall and handsome, the wife is handsome and beautiful, a very good match. The wife was seriously ill and paralyzed in her lower limbs. The husband has to go to work and take care of his wife, busy as a spiral-like turn. No matter how tired he is, every day he sees his wife, is bound to be a sunny smiling face.

The wife, no matter how unwell she is, is sure to get her hair done on time, dress up carefully, put on light makeup, trace light eyebrows, put on light lipstick, then move to the window and wait quietly for her husband to come home until she sees his sunny face.

Her husband comes back, gives her a massage and cooks her dinner. Then carry her downstairs and kiss the sunshine. There is not a trace of frustration or sadness on the couple’s faces, and they live happily. The wife saw her husband so tired, and she could not have children, I do not know where to head, several times proposed to break up, were rejected by her husband.

Colleagues advised her husband: “Forget it, let’s let go of the hand. After so many years, it’s not bad for her.”

Her husband said, “She is a part of my life, how can I give up my life. With her, there is my happiness oh.”

The neighbor said to his wife, “You are like this, more rest is not good, and why dress up?”

His wife said, “No! Live one day, live one day with heart. It’s a blessing to wait for him to leave work every day and let him see a face that is glowing because of him.”

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